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The Benefits of Personalising Your Loved One’s Space

Transitioning your loved one into a residential care home can be an emotional process, for all parties involved.

However, personalisation can ease difficulties immensely. Every resident deserves to feel as comfortable, and familiar as possible with their surroundings.

Thus, adding unique personal touches to resident’s spaces is highly encouraged. And, the benefits of doing so are immense.

In this blog we’ll shed light on these benefits, so you can be best informed on how to make your loved one’s transition a happy experience for them.

It eases your loved one’s transition

Moving to a care home can change one’s life. Therefore, transitions may include mixed feelings and adaptations.

Personalised spaces, however, can ease these adjustments. Personalised environments represent our individuality and provide a sanctuary where we can feel at ease.

Our lives feel consistent when we surround ourselves with familiar items, colours, and scents. This can ease the adjustment and smooth the shift.

It respects individuality

Individuality should be celebrated, and one way to do so is through customising your loved one’s living space to reflect their individuality.

It reinforces dignity and value as a person through acknowledging their personal history, as well as their preferences and interests.

Personalisation can stimulate memories

The familiarity of an object or picture can jog a person’s happy memories and lead to interesting discourse, which in turn provides mental stimulation and opportunities for social connection.

Loved ones who are coping with memory difficulties or dementia can benefit from this in a particularly meaningful way.

It improves orientation

Providing your loved one with a personalised space may also make it easier for them to navigate their surroundings.

They can have a better sense of where they are inside their residential care home if they use familiar artefacts as reference points, which can lessen confusion and disorientation and make it easier for them to find a suitable routine.

Communication is better facilitated

The staff, other residents, and guests all benefit from having conversation points provided by personalised areas.

Decorations and mementoes can be used as discussion starters, which can help to reduce feelings of isolation and boost social engagement.

Looking to transition a loved one into residential care?

At The Bill House we take pride in the exceptional residential care we provide. Our staff are dedicated to working with individuals to ensure care is tailored to the needs of residents, and this goes as far as making their personal space as comfortable of an environment as possible.

If you’re interested in the care we can provide for your loved ones please get in touch.

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