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How to Support Loved Ones Following a Dementia Diagnosis

If one of your loved ones has been diagnosed with dementia it can be difficult to process, and an upsetting time for the family.

You may go through a rotation of emotions, and feel slightly lost at first. However, it’s important to remember that you have already passed a crucial first step; getting a diagnosis. Now, you can seek specialist dementia care your loved one may need and help them accordingly.

Here are our top ways you can support loved ones following a dementia diagnosis:

Take some time to understand dementia

Following a diagnosis, it’s important to learn as much as you can, in order to provide the right treatment for your loved ones.

Research how dementia affects individuals, as well as the best possible ways to help your loved ones going forward. It’s important to know that you can  make your loved ones feel independent and make sure their dignity and quality of life remains.

Once you understand more about more about dementia you can share your knowledge with friends and family, so you all know the best ways to approach the situation and understand the best specialist dementia care options for your loved ones.

Provide help with legal and financial affairs

It’s important to make sure your loved one’s important documents are easy to find and accessible. This includes bank statements, insurance policies, pension details or any other important legal documents.

You should also make sure your loved one has chosen at least one person to have lasting power of attorney. This means that others can take the responsibility of managing personal affairs, like assets and medical treatment if it becomes necessary.

After diagnosis, it’s also a good idea to make sure your loved one has an up-to-date will. An individual with dementia can still create or update a will they just need to show they understand the decisions they’re making and the effects of them.

Explore your options

It’s crucial you support your loved one in planning for the future. Make sure you know your loved one’s wishes in regards to their healthcare. And, involve them in as many conversations as you can.

If your loved one is able, they should consider creating an ‘advance statement’. This will allow them to make plans for their future care if they become unable to in the future.

Specialist dementia care at The Bill House

If you’re considering specialist dementia care homes as an option for your loved ones, The Bill House prides itself on the quality of care it’s able to provide to residents.

Every team member of The Bill House is specifically trained in dementia care, with staff experience going up to NVQ Level 5.

As well as staff, The Bill House specialist dementia care home facilities make it the perfect place for your loved one to live their life to the fullest. For instance, the specialist Dementia Garden, designed by Annie Guilfoyle.

It was commissioned to conjure happy reminiscences for residents, as well as provide a sanctuary and space for contemplation.

If you’ve decided specialist dementia care is the best option for your loved ones in the present or near future, contact The Bill House. We can book you for a free visit of our home, as well as help to ease your mind of any worries.

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