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How can you support a loved one who is transitioning to a care home, and what can you do to help them adjust to their new living situation?

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The decision to move a loved one to a care home can be difficult, and the transition can be challenging for both the resident and their family. However, with the right support and preparation, it is possible to ensure a smooth adjustment to the new living situation. In this article, we are looking at some of the ways in which you can support your loved one as they move into a residential care home. These practical tips will help to make the transition as smooth as possible, helping them adjust to their new living situation.

Personalising Their Space

Most care homes allow residents to bring in belongings and personalise their new living space, as having familiar objects can be beneficial in helping individuals feel more at home. These items include soft furnishings, photos, ornaments, clothing, and favourite toiletries, and some care homes will allow you to have these items ready in the room prior to your loved one moving in, which can help them feel more at ease from the very start.

Whilst the majority of residential care homes allow for residents to bring their own personal belongings, it is important that you check whether this is a possibility before their move-in date to avoid upset or distress on the day.

Regular Visits

When residents first move into a care home, it is common for them to experience feelings of abandonment, and they can struggle to come to terms with their new living arrangements. Regularly visiting your loved ones during this adaption phase can help to reassure them that you are still there for them, which can reduce feelings of abandonment and help them settle into their new home.

Visits from loved ones are something that residents always look forward to and it often makes their day, even if they have just popped in for a quick chat. Where possible, we would also recommend setting up some form of contact schedule for calls and visits, so that your loved one knows when the next contact is expected, easing their worries about losing contact with family and friends. Once your loved one is fully settled in their new home, you could also organise outings for them.

Encouraging Activity Engagement

Getting to know other residents through engaging in social activities can really help your loved one settle in to their new community. However, participating in social activities in an unfamiliar setting can be quite intimidating, so you may have to give your loved one some encouragement. A great way to encourage them to go is to look through their care home activity calendar with them and help them choose activities that they would enjoy, and if that doesn’t work, then you may have to participate in the activity with them until they are confident enough to go on their own.

Communicate with Carers

Speaking to care home staff can be very useful to help you understand how your loved one is managing from their perspective. You can also speak to them about any concerns you or your loved one may have and work out the best solution for overcoming these together.

Care home staff are there to support residents and make their lives as comfortable as possible, and are happy to help, so don’t be afraid to talk to them about your loved one or ask for special requests.

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