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Dementia Care- The Benefits of Relaxation Therapies

Relaxation therapies, such as guided meditation sessions can have a positive effect on any individual.

However, when it comes to dementia, the benefits of relaxation therapies are profound for improving quality of life and day-to-day function.

In this article, we’ll outline the benefits of relaxation therapies when providing specialist dementia care to patients.

It makes anxiety more manageable

When caring for an individual with dementia, it is very important to ensure their environment evokes calmness, as these residents are more prone to high levels of stress and anxiety.

This also proves crucial in keeping the resident’s dementia as stable as possible and preventing it from worsening quickly. This is because the excess stress can have a direct affect on the hippocampal region of the body, which is involved in the storing of long-term memories.

Therefore, specialist dementia care through relaxation therapies like deep breathing, concentration and visualisation can mitigate anxiety and contribute to better cognitive function.

Heightens mindfulness

Our loved ones who are living with dementia don’t experience the world in the same way we do.

Due to this, they can often zone out of the present and revert back to muscle memory, or disengage completely.

However, mindfulness relaxation therapies can increase focus and help residents live in the present better. This is because it allows them to be aware of, understand and feel their surroundings, reducing the chances of disengagement occurring.

Strengthens the bonds residents can form

The right specialist dementia care will create a bond between residents and staff, as opposed to driving them apart.

One of the best ways to strengthen or create these bonds is through relaxation therapies. This is because of the safe space that it creates.

While our loved ones are less vulnerable to their environments, they can foster and build connections with their carers, and these therapies are known to engage the parts of the mind responsible for this.

Specialist dementia care at The Bill House

In addition to drawing on Park Group’s decades of expertise in providing specialised dementia care, as well as cutting-edge research and training, The Bill House places a strong emphasis on ensuring that each and every resident experiences a sense of well-being, happiness, safety and security.

We guarantee that our carers have all they need to deliver the best possible level of assistance by providing them with a continual plan of education and training.

If you’re looking for specialist dementia care for a loved one of yours, contact us here.

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